This page is only for illustration purposes of my valuation techniques. You can contact me if you want valuation work done on stocks, private companies or sectors.

The excel valuation sheet makes professional valuation techniques easy to use and allows for fast scenario analysis. Please check this User Manual that explains the Intel Valuation sheet with many examples of how Long Term valuation should be done.

A basic valuation case with excel model will cost only 225 Euro's (6-8 pages). An in depth company description and examination of drivers, competitive environment with peer valuations costs 1000 Euro (20-30 pages).

Free study on Apple, with a target of 500 USD, from 03/10/2012

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"long term opportunities in a short term focussed market"

The value of a company is fundamentally driven by :

Value = Sales growth x Profit margin / Investment needs

1. Sales growth

2. Profit margin

3. Investment needs


These 3 drivers are extensively explained in a text file = Investment Case

The financial models with long history and future forecasts are put in an excel valuation sheet





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